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By Victoria Noakes Feb 08, 2016

In Design: Burr oak console table, David Wilson

Furniture designer David Wilson, who launched his furniture design and manufacturing company Dovetailors in 2004, applies a clean-lined engineering approach to his designs, with a focus on well-crafted furniture that is functional as well as striking. Victoria Noakes investigates his latest work …

David decribes his burr oak console table as "a really good example of how new technology is enabling previously impossible designs to be realised.

"The console table was designed to be a showpiece for an entrance hall. The lift lid allows quick access and the pivot drawers are cleverly concealed when shut and a delightful mechanism to open."

The console is made in oak and burr oak with ebony stringing.

David has a PhD in Engineering from the University of Essex, and worked as a design engineer and system architect before becoming a craftsman and furniture maker. His design mantra is: “Function is prime, with design built around it – furniture design without function is useless.”

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