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By Furniture News Jun 19, 2019

In Design: The Accordion Bond, Josip Gotler

Inspired by whimsical cartoons and books, Croatia-based furniture designer/maker Josip Gotler had fun creating The Accordion Bond, a playful piece made from FSC-certified birch plywood, and one of five models in a range called The Quirky Companions.

“The first step in creating this piece was to transfer a unique complex idea to a rough 2D sketch, refining it one step at a time until it was translated to a CAD drawing, which then served as a baseline for the final sculpting and crafting of a precise full-scale prototype,” says Josip.

“As the design is extremely complicated, I had to choose premium FSC birch plywood – it’s extremely expensive, but it’s the only material that can withstand this level of curves and cutting angles. I also selected non-toxic, water-based paints, certified as safe and durable.

“Inspiration came from the shape of an accordion, informing a piece of furniture that looks like it’s stretching itself in two directions. Despite its complex shape, this piece is fully functional, containing one large sliding drawer in the middle and two cabinets on the sides that can open fully.

“The production process is really detailed and meticulous. Every piece has its own number and is assembled in perfect order to get precise results. Indeed, some of the pieces need to be cut at three different angles to achieve the perfect fit and the desired look.”

While working in the IT industry, Josip spent much of his spare time honing his craft as an amateur woodworker. In 2016, he decided to leave IT and commit to woodworking full time, opening his own design studio. He is now a happy designer/maker, crafting his handmade creations from rough sketches to full-scale pieces. 

“My designs are a perfect reflection of my quirky mind – I always think of how to take a traditional shape and make it different and unique by bending, breaking, melting or stretching it," he concludes.

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