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By Furniture News Nov 16, 2016

In Design: YeYi, Jake Hubbard

Jake Hubbard created The YeYi chair as his final piece at Staffordshire University. The model combines modern geometric and mid-century design.

“Why is it called The Yeyi? Yeyi means ‘three’ in Nahuatl which is the language of the Aztecs, who used a lot of geometrical shaping and triangles in their designs. I felt it was a fitting name which suited the design,” says Jake.

“The seat is sculptured in triangular polygons to create an interesting three-dimensional shape, and is made of fibreglass, which was used in the mid-20th Century by Charles Eames. The shape and style of the oak legs also evoke the mid-century style, whilst the grey suede upholstery adds to the contemporary feel.

“The idea of the shape is to create a shell to surround the occupant with comfort – the armrests are angled downwards to enable the sitter to relax their arms, and the V-shaped back is designed to sit just below the shoulder blades for comfort and enable free movement.”

Jake had an interest in art and design from an early age, and was encouraged to explore his creative side at school. He then studied Art & Design at Walsall College, where he completed BTEC and foundation degrees whilst working part-time as a carpenter’s apprentice. The combination of studies and skills gave Jake the opportunity to work with various materials when he went on to study Product Design at Staffordshire University.

Jake left university – where he won the Product Designer of the Year accolade in his first and third years – with a first-class honours degree.

“My background in art and carpentry enable me to use my hands-on approach to design, and always drove me towards furniture – I have always seen furniture design as art with functionality and purpose,” says Jake.

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