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By Furniture News Aug 14, 2014

In focus – Authentic Models

Eric Hanson, sales manager for Authentic Models Europe, answers Furniture News’ questions about the company's strongest product area and the issues surrounding it.

What is your strongest product area?
One of our better-selling collections is our desks. We now have a range of four styles in various colours and sizes, all sharing our trademark polish – French Finish – and heavy bronze hardware. Our desks range in size from 110 to 170cm long, and in style from modern drafting tables to a desk based on what you’d find in an old captain’s cabin.

What are your historic and current bestsellers and why are they so popular? 
Our bestselling desk is the Captain’s desk. At 170cm long and 78cm tall, this makes quite an imposing statement without being overpowering. There’s no burled walnut here – just hand-finished cherry wood and cool functionality.

What current trends are you currently experiencing?
We’ve seen a real boost in drafting-table style desks – like our Architect’s desk. Designed to be used while standing instead of sitting, this allows you to stay more active. I’m the kind of person who stands up behind their desk to keep the blood flowing and I feel better that way. Every few weeks you read another story about improving ergonomics in the modern workplace and people seem to be responding to this call. One way to do that is to change your workplace!

What are the key issues affecting your bestselling product at a retail level?
There’s always lots of competition on price and features in furniture, but people continue to be drawn to the story behind our pieces and the quality of the craftsmanship.

And at a supply level?
We do our absolute best to maintain stock on our items here in the Netherlands. Matching supply with demand is always an inexact science.  For that reason, among many others, we’ve begun moving some production back to Europe, which gives us more flexibility in timelines and allows us to sell pieces that are made in Europe, which always appeals to customers.

What are your observations on how best to retail this product?
Definitely set it up the way people are going to use a desk – computer, cup of coffee, chair. Sterile, unused, unloved furniture in a big open space looks lonely and unattractive.

What are your personal tastes and preferences?
I’m more of a laptop/tablet on the sofa kind of guy, but my home office has an Authentic Models desk – the Madras desk, which is smaller but perfectly suitable for a day working from home – with 10 drawers each holding its own (well-organised) documents and treasures.

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