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By Furniture News Jan 11, 2013

Surface details

In 2013, the trends we’ll see in interior design and architecture will be some of the most contradictory to date. On one hand, futuristic, cyber influences will inspire strange, organic architectural elements in the home. On the other hand, throwbacks to past times, such as vintage furniture and design, will increase in popularity, writes JoBeth Phillips ...

The result is a hybrid of old and new, where designers take inspiration from bygone times, but reinterpret the traditional and modernise it to suit their design schemes. Vintage influences will be seen throughout all of this year’s trends – and the mixing of adventurous colours with time-tested classic prints should prove to be a popular combination.

Harmonious, soft colours will be pitted against strong, contrasting hues – and as for textures, 2013 looks to be the year of surface design and texture! Tactile surface finishes will really come into their own this year. As consumers slowly begin to tire of traditional matt, smooth finishes, producers are stepping up and creating highly tactile fabrics and materials – whether they be subtly detailed, or bold, statement pieces. Expect to see lots of honeycomb structures and quilted-effect patterns, as well as more detailed, embroidered shimmering filagree patterns.

Artisan products will continue to be popular in 2013, as personalisation, and a high level of craftsmanship and detail become more valued amongst consumers. A nod to the Moorish revival trend, glizty golds and shimmering silvers, as well as burnished metals, will also be popular, catering for the more bouyant Eastern European, Russian and Middle Eastern markets, but in the UK, these influences will be more subtley reinterpreted for furnishings.

Looking further ahead, surface design featuring analogous colours will start to make waves in 2013, although it is much more likely this trend will be more prominent in 2014 and onward – but for now, here are Furniture News’ predicted trends …

Bright sparks
The use of bold spot colours will increasingly feature within the home, as interior designers and end-users become more adventurous with their interior schemes. Bright yellows, bold light blues and greens will all prove popular in small doses, neutralised by warm cream and striking bright white tones in the home.

Moor adventurous
Moorish revival and geometric influences will be seen throughout 2013. While this trend began back in 2011, the strength of symmetry in design has proved popular with both end-users and designers alike. Multi-faceted feature walls and bolder interior design schemes will be popular, and expect to see elements of this trend interpreted into both traditional and modern furniture design.

Patterns for success
Seemingly an eternal trend, vintage floral prints will remain popular. A timeless classic, large-bloom prints are especially growing in popularity with younger generations – ensuring its popularity for years to come. Chinoiserie and brocade fabrics, too, will remain popular in 2013, while the dramatic hues of this year’s baroque influence will instead be reinterpreted for a softer, more feminine look – pastel shades will continue to be popular.

Surreal edges
Curved, extravagant shapes will be incorporated into interior design to create truly striking, contemporary environments. Avant-garde styling, whether it be in the form of accent furnishings, or a more daring central design scheme, is predicted to become increasingly specified. In this trend, courageous use of colour highlights will also be seen – think zesty greens, yellows and pinks, most likely in the form of LED lights and strong accent furniture.

Inspired by nature
The use of eco-friendly products has grown significantly in recent years, which can be seen in this material trend. A reflection of our restored appreciation for the earth itself, this trend will see natural textures replicated in surface design, and a tactile finish is an absolute must. Bamboo, bark, cork and wood products will be popular, although modern, irregularly-textured updates will be incorporated into their design. Soothing, natural tones will prominently feature within interior design – expect leafy greens, soft browns, cool duck-egg greys, and creams with a hint of eggshell, to be most popular.

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