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By Mamma Mia Covers Apr 14, 2023

The top five furniture trends for 2023

When looking for timeless interior ideas, it’s important to keep an eye on hot design trends, writes furniture slipcover specialist, Mamma Mia Covers … 

If you're updating existing furniture pieces to incorporating bold patterns, you should prepare yourself for a tonne of fun, say our interiors experts!

Slipcovers have been a popular trend in furniture design in recent years. They provide a versatile and functional option to protect upholstery, while also adding a decorative touch.

So, let’s discover more! Here, our interior designers outline the top five furniture trends for 2023 that are set to take centre stage – you should definitely check out and follow them this season!

1. Soft curves

In 2023, furniture designs lean towards soft, organic shapes with curved lines. This trend offers a break from the straight lines and sharp angles that have been popular in recent years, bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation to any space. 

Such a trend signals that it’s time to be creative, and let your artistic self shine. From curvaceous sofas and armchairs to rounded coffee tables and ottomans, it gives a modern take on the classic mid-century design.

2. Prints and patterns

While solid colours will always have a place in interior design, 2023 will see an influx of furniture designs with prints and patterns. Bold geometric shapes, floral motifs, and playful polkadots will be popular choices, adding visual interest and personality to any room. Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns to create a unique and eclectic look!

3. Pre-loved furniture

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue, more people are turning to pre-loved furniture as a way to reduce waste and give old pieces a new lease of life. Vintage and antique furniture with a distressed finish will be particularly popular, bringing a sense of character and history to any space.

Look for pieces with a timeless design that can be easily incorporated into any decor style – also, slipcovers, with their furniture protection function and a way to incorporate that style, come in handy here.

4. Sustainability

In addition to pre-loved furniture, sustainability will continue to be a key consideration in furniture design. This means using eco-friendly materials and production methods, as well as designing furniture that can be easily disassembled and recycled at the end of its life. Look for furniture made from natural materials like wood, bamboo and cork, and choose pieces from companies that prioritise sustainability.

5. Mix of vintage and contemporary aesthetics

The final trend for 2023 is a mix of vintage and contemporary design elements. This means combining classic vintage pieces with modern, streamlined furniture, for a look that is both timeless and current. 

Take courage to combine different styles and eras – as long as you maintain a cohesive colour scheme and overall aesthetic.

Have you already decided on a trend to recommend in your store? Keep up with the times and listen to the experts – the final look is worth it!

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