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By Nicola Snell May 12, 2022

Why furniture businesses should track TV’s biggest influencers

Bridgerton’s back! But, if you’re not a fan of Netflix’s salacious show, why should you care? Here, Press Loft’s founder Nicola Snell explains how furniture businesses can benefit by getting ahead of TV’s biggest influencers …

Last month, Bridgerton returned to Netflix for its second season. You may be wondering why that matters to you – but as a furniture brand or retailer, it could be the difference between growing your brand’s recognition and reach in 2022, and not. 

Season one of the show didn’t just break global viewing records when it aired – it also had a cultural impact and influence on which styles customers were hunting for when looking for their next purchase. 

Alongside the show, Google searches for Regency-era styles grew by an astonishing +9500%. The French Bedroom Company also reported a +25% increase in styles that fit the ‘Bridgerton look’, including four-poster beds and ornate gold furniture. Similar trends were already being seen after season two barely hit the screens. 

These trends don’t just relate to Bridgerton, with Peaky Blinders affecting sales of leather sofas and The Crown being partly responsible for the resurgence of velvet finishings on furniture. Even Squid Game was praised across interiors and architecture for its aesthetic design, becoming an inspiration and influence for many. 

Beyond just sales, being aware of these cultural shifts and influences is essential for nailing your PR strategy too. As new series and films are met with excitement from viewers, journalists for consumer-facing titles are likely to run stories and guides for how their readers can achieve the ‘look’ for themselves. Similarly, aware of the high traffic and engagement the trends are getting online, influencers and content creators are expected to highlight relevant products and brands too. 

Of course, trends can appear out of nowhere and require a more reactive approach – but that doesn’t mean you can’t pre-plan for some. A quick Google search for ‘film releases this year’ or ‘series premiers 2022’ will bring up hundreds of lists and calendars – you can also find some free templates on Press Loft (we also have insight into which products more than 23,000 journalists are searching for). 

From here, identify the ones you think your designs could organically fit within and start brainstorming how you could best share the product information and images with journalists and influencers. Don’t forget that long-lead print press will start working on a feature as early as three months before it goes to print, so be sure to share your assets with them as early as possible. 

Whilst they’re a great place to start, to really get your brand and products front and centre, don’t just rely on already-loved, highly anticipated releases – as we all know that, these days, surprise hits often emerge. When reviewing your sales and search analytics, be sure to research what could be influencing sudden changes – as The French Bedroom Company did – and be at the forefront by pitching the story with stats to the press. 

In an industry like furniture, where designers and manufacturers can’t (and shouldn’t) be designing products continually, being aware of the hooks that will help you place your products in press articles is one of the most effective ways to get continual press coverage. It’s not about creating products to specifically meet a trend, but instead linking it cleverly. 

Press Loft offers insight into which products more than 23,000 journalists are searching for and downloading for features. To get ahead of the curve, sign up for free trend alerts here.

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