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By JoBeth Phillips Sept 09, 2013

Yes, WeWood

Portuguese artisan joinery company, WeWood, has garnered an impressive reputation for its commitment towards responsible furniture production. By working closely with local and international design talents, and with respect for the environment, WeWood is poised to make an impact on the high-end furniture market, writes JoBeth Phillips …

A key part of WeWood’s attraction is the sheer diversity of products and designs it can offer. As a joinery specialist, the company collaborates with designers, architects and planners to create a myriad of furniture pieces, each constructed with dexterity using quality woods.

What differentiates WeWood from other high-end producers is its close relationships with all parties involved in the production process. Designers, suppliers and other partners are treated as a part of its family – and each design is lovingly produced, with a painstaking approach to craftsmanship.

Primarily, the company tends to work with Portuguese wood – a stance which helps supports the local economic infrastructure, as well as reducing its environmental impact.

“The design is intended to be minimalist, taking the chair to the extreme simplicity of its function and ergonomics”

Designers and architects collaborate directly with WeWood to realise their respective visions – and this aspect is a major part of WeWood’s success. By supporting both renowned and up-and-coming designers, WeWood is able to redefine the traditional business model to supply furniture. It can concieve one-off pieces – which is more typical – or fuller lines of furniture, depending on the collaboration, and the demand.

Cross-marketing by both WeWood and the designers further enhances the company’s impact – and, as a result, the approach has received impressive reviews from global media platforms, as well as gaining discerning, high-profile clients. WeWood’s most recent collaboration was with Claudia Costa of Loff Architecture & Lighting Design. The Portuguese designer has received considerable praise accolades in the past ­– but this new collaboration is certainly enhancing her international credibility.

Claudia has designed Golour, a chair which has been developed with the idea of “strong simplicity, and strong geometric lines”. The chair is created using the same material throughout – Portuguese oak – and features a painted white finish.

“The design is intended to be minimalist, taking the chair to the extreme simplicity of its function and ergonomics,” says Claudia. “The coating is made in 1cm Portuguese oak, and the section is painted in white, following the wood texture. The intention is that the chair itself comes to life, and can be modified over the years, so the coating can be retrieved and modified in various colours and textures.”

Claudia’s chair, alongside many other original pieces, is sold directly via WeWood. Each piece is crafted utilising WeWood’s high attention to detail, and features an individual identifying mark.

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