24 July 2024, 16:30
By Furniture News Jul 11, 2024

Bensons launches sleep improvement programme

New research commissioned by Bensons reveals that millions of UK consumers are struggling from extreme mood swings due to lack of sleep.

The survey, of 2000 people, revealed that nine in 10 suffer from "tangry" (tired and angry) behaviour – with 30% claiming they constantly row with their partner because they feel exhausted in their daily lives. A further 18% admit that they feel like a completely different person when they are tired.

Almost a third (30%) confess they swear under their breath at everything when they are worn out, and the same number will burst into tears at the slightest thing.

Bensons aims to combat this phenomenon with the launch of ‘Sleep Calm and Carry On’, a sleep improvement programme to help the restless better manage their sleep, developed by the retailer and sleep expert Dr Sophie Bostock.

The programme will include six short videos to help educate people on the importance of sleep and how it impacts their mental and physical health, as well as tools to help them unwind, relax and optimise their sleep.

Sophie says: “Our sleep, wellbeing and behaviour are intimately linked. A lack of sleep can alter the emotional control centres of the brain, making us more sensitive to stress, and reducing self-control. Some people become more impulsive and aggressive.

“This survey is also a valuable reminder that many of us can feel like a different person when we are sleep deprived and can lash out in ways we later regret.

“If your friend, colleague, or partner is acting out of character, instead of reacting negatively, consider asking them how they are sleeping. Prioritising your sleep is a powerful way to improve mental health.

“We've created a short series of bite-sized videos to help people understand the impact of sleep deprivation and some simple tools to restore healthy sleep patterns. Our goal is to help people sleep well, wake up feeling more energised, and thrive in their daily lives.”

The research also revealed the city with the ‘tangriest’ residents is Brighton & Hove (81%), followed by Belfast (67%) and Cardiff (66%).

Lisa Richards, head of marketing at Bensons, adds: “We are all guilty of having a ‘tangry’ episode now and again, and we’re hoping our brand-new Sleep Calm and Carry On programme will help people to alleviate this and get the best night’s sleep possible every night.”


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