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Simba continues to set sustainable standards

Blending intelligent design, patented technology and some of the finest natural materials, Simba, the UK’s first B Corp-certified sleep tech company, has unveiled an impressive new mattress range.

The Earth mattress collection is meticulously crafted in Yorkshire. Offering “unrivalled” support from the new QuadCore technology, in addition to Simba’s patented Aerocoil springs, the Earth collection is available in UK single, double, king and superking sizes, and is 100% recyclable.

“Experience a luxurious blend of materials that have been expertly designed to provide pressure relief and temperature control,” says Simba. “Meanwhile, Yorkshire-grown hemp and flax excel in lasting durability and all-natural support. In addition, the Apex mattress includes soft cashmere, wool, silk, and mohair for extra luxurious cushioning.”

Four-point QuadCore springs

The Simba Earth range introduces the innovatively designed QuadCore springs, grouped in small clusters of four – effectively preventing movement from spreading, which in turn offers more precise and customised support. Moreover, Simba takes this a step further by using sonic welding to connect the springs instead of traditional glue, allowing the coils to move independently and freely.

Usually, in a mattress base, coils are arranged in large groups, linked together in rows. This design means that when one coil is pressed down, the surrounding coils also move, creating a wave of motion and transferring it across the mattress, says Simba: “If you’re sharing the bed, this can cause you to feel any movement from your partner, potentially disrupting your sleep.”

Patented signature Aerocoil technology

Simba’s Earth mattress features the Hybrid range’s signature award-winning Aerocoil titanium alloy springs, which are renowned for the comfort they offer, says Simba: “These springs ensure optimal body contouring, pressure relief, and targeted support. They also promote airflow for coolness, and provide localised support and weight distribution so your partner’s movements are absorbed more easily and not passed onto your side of the bed.

“Despite their strength and support, the micro springs are so small they’re unnoticeable when positioned at the top of the mattress.” This means that Simba’s spring technology promises balanced support and comfort in the upper layers, and spinal support in the base layers.

Source of homegrown, home-sewn comfort

The Earth mattress collection has three tiers, each priced accordingly – Source, Escape and Apex, which are made in Yorkshire. Every mattress is engineered and rigorously tested to help promote a more rejuvenating night’s rest, while at the same time being a more sustainable choice for the environment. Skilled craftspeople tuft the layers, while precision machinery ensures accuracy and efficiency in the process, ensuring quality in a long-standing tradition.

The Source mattress is an ideal introduction to the Earth collection, says Simba. It employs six layers of the brand’s pioneering technology and locally harvested hemp and flax.

Escape into a sleep sanctuary

Selected for its impressive cushioning, support, breathability and durability, the Escape mattress has seven layers and uses luxurious British wool – renowned for its plush softness and unique ability to regulate temperature, keeping the sleeper cool in summer and warm in winter. Meanwhile, moisture-wicking hemp ensures the mattress remains as comfortable at the end of its lifespan as it is at the start.

The peak of natural luxury

The summit of Simba’s Earth collection, the Apex is crafted with eight comfort layers to offer the range’s highest level of plush and superior heat regulation, boasting a layer of cashmere, silk and mohair for extra-luxurious, pillowy cushioning.

Simba uses some of the softest cashmere (sumptuous yet breathable, and upcycled from a British designer fashion house) and mohair (otherwise known as the ‘diamond fibre’, and famed for its velvety sheen and strength), together with smooth organic silk.

“At Simba, our mission is to continually test and learn, and to be the most innovative sleep tech brand in the world, and as a certified B corp company, that also means being the most responsible,” says Steve Reid, CEO of Simba Sleep.

“Although you are able to recycle every Simba mattress completely, the Earth Collection has been designed for comfort and quality sleep, while being specifically engineered to streamline the disassembly and recycling process even further. It has also been designed without the use of glue or foam – instead using sonic welding – thus enhancing its recyclability and marking it as a sustainable option for both you and the environment.”

The Earth Mattress Range is available now from Simba’s website.


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