25 May 2024, 17:50
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Mammoth’s comfort-driven comeback

Having negotiated myriad challenges, healthy sleep brand Mammoth has emerged fitter than ever, says its founder and CEO, John Tuton …

What’s been keeping you busy over the last few weeks?

I’ve been out on the road with the Mammoth team supporting the roll-out of our all-new Comfort collection into our independent retailers. In particular, we’ve been running training and launch events with our Centres for Excellence around the country.

We know how important it is for retailers to be enhancing their in-store experience and delivering a service that keeps customers coming through their doors. That’s why we are putting time and resource into ensuring that sales staff are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to educate customers about the benefits of quality sleep and the unique technologies in our products.

The Mammoth brand has gone through a good deal of upheaval in recent years. Can you summarise what happened, and where it stands today?

Today, I’m pleased to say that we are in great shape. It’s taken a lot of hard work from the Mammoth team, our licensed manufacturer Airsprung, and our trusted stockists to get us here, but we’re definitely seeing a positive response in the market to our product ranges in 2024. It is a real testament to the strong reputation we have built and the equity in the Mammoth brand.

It’s fair to say that it took some time for us to ride out the challenges of Covid-19, and our previous manufacturer going into administration. But I’m excited about the progress we’ve made and will continue to make over the coming years as we execute our growth strategy. Our Medical Grade technologies are more relevant than ever in today’s market, so the future is bright.

What was the most challenging aspect of that journey?

Going through the process of a financial turnaround. Having to be patient and focus so much attention on due diligence can be tough.

It’s not just about the numbers, though. The process requires careful management of people and the ability to apply diplomacy, grace and clear communication in a variety of situations.

Do you think the business is better equipped to meet demand because of it?

One hundred percent. Taking closer control of our business model, streamlining operations, working with the right partners and identifying the right opportunities for the future has meant that our capacity for scalability is now many times greater than it was previously. I’m extremely confident of that. Hitting the reset button is painful in the short term, but I know it has made us stronger in the grand scheme of things.

What sort of responses are you seeing from retailers to the ’new’ Mammoth?

The response has been brilliant. Retailers have shared that they love the new products we’ve recently brought to market and where we are positioned now. By having the entry-level Active mattress alongside the Comfort collection we’re giving retailers greater flexibility and playing to the strengths of our manufacturing partners, Airsprung.

What does the current product offer comprise?

Mammoth Active represents the entry point for our customers. It’s a perfectly packaged health and fitness proposition that we know appeals to those who want to be able to enjoy the benefits of Mammoth’s Medical Grade foam.

Our revamped Comfort collection is our flagship offering, which includes a number of new features across our Vitality, Altitude and Latex HyBlend products. We’ve had particularly good feedback to our IceClass cool-touch fabric – a thermoregulating textile designed to optimise temperature and keep the skin comfortable through the night. And the addition of a Medical Grade latex mattresses represents a real point of difference for those who love the distinctive feel of the natural, breathable material.

What would you describe as your key differentiator in 2024?

It has to be our position as a genuine health and wellbeing brand, bringing Medical Grade technologies to the furniture market. Our heritage in healthcare, unique partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and scientific testing combine to reassure both retailers and customers that we are doing more to deliver comfort, aid recovery and, ultimately, offer a healthy choice. Our higher purpose is all about helping people to live longer, happier lives.

Do you think consumer demand for sleep products has evolved in recent years?

Absolutely. We’ve seen a very clear growth in the public’s awareness of physical and mental health issues, and sleep is undoubtedly one of those key areas of focus. There’s plenty of research out there from the likes of McKinsey to back that up. The pandemic only accelerated that focus on health and wellbeing – at home, in the workplace and in elite sport.

Fundamentally, people know that sleeping better is crucial to a longer, happier life, and that’s something we are committed to being a part of at Mammoth.

In January, you reported that you’d secured a six-figure investment from the North East Growth Capital Fund. What does it mean for the business, and how seriously are you looking at international growth?

The new investment is important in helping us accelerate our growth strategy in both the UK and internationally. As relative newcomers to the international market, it’s been incredible to see the positive response from people who are being introduced to Mammoth for the first time. People love the Mammoth story, our credentials in healthcare, our tech and our authenticity.

Is there anything else in the pipeline?


Where/when can interested parties find out more?

As always, retailers can get in touch with our regional sales agents or via [email protected]. People can also follow our activity across Mammoth’s social media channels, and I’m providing regular business updates on LinkedIn, so I’d encourage people to connect with me there.


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