15 June 2024, 09:36
By Simba May 23, 2024

Simba asks the nation to face the tired truth

As a pioneer of sleep technology, Simba says it is on a mission to solve the world’s sleep crisis through research, innovative technology and industry-leading products.

Simba’s latest national study uncovers the stark reality of how less than seven hours of sleep per night impacts one’s appearance. This research into the physical characteristics and sleep routines of 2000 British adults underscores the critical importance of sufficient sleep and unveils the face of sleep-deprived Britain using artificial intelligence and striking visuals.

AI-generated avatars vividly illustrate the aesthetic toll of sleep deprivation, individuals getting inadequate rest display sagging skin, conspicuous crow's feet, dull complexions, and pronounced under-eye bags.

Sleep expert Lisa Artis from Simba’s charity partner, The Sleep Charity, elaborates: "Not getting enough sleep, especially over a long stretch of time, can harm both your mind and body, and even affect your skin, whatever your age."

The research found the highest levels of sleep deficiency in Brighton, Newcastle and Leeds, where residents report the most severe signs of sleep deprivation. Conversely, cities like Bristol, Plymouth and Nottingham have the most well-rested populations, showcasing a notable difference in the appearance of their residents.

The study reveals that younger adults, in particular, experience significant skin deterioration due to insufficient sleep.

Simba is known for leveraging cutting-edge technology, and the use of AI reflects Simba’s pursuit of improving sleep quality for all.

"To compel the nation to prioritise quality rest, data from the research, coupled with the latest technology, visualises the full spectrum of how poor sleep – especially over long periods – can affect aesthetic appearance," says Simba. "However, findings, from those routinely sleeping more than the NHS-recommended guidelines, reveal that complexions improve across 16 different variants for women and across 12 facial markers in males."

Explore how Simba can improve quality of sleep here.


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